Top five architecture and design jobs

Top five architecture and design jobs

Architects and designers are critical to our lives, because, we all live, work, and play, in places which have been conceived by these astounding professionals. Apart from the entrancing works of nature, a huge part of what we consider beautiful and magnetic around us is the work of these “engineer-artists”.


Being an architect or a designer can be intensely rewarding. It’s heart-warming to conceive of something and then to live to see the day when it has taken tangible forms before the eyes of everybody.


Let’s explore the top five architecture and design jobs which are critical to the alluring and strong structures we see all around us. We will highlight what each entails.


It’s vital to know that different architecture and design firms may be constituted differently, especially in this age where software is being leveraged for most architecture and building projects. Firms may be smaller now, without losing their effectiveness.

Top Five Architecture and design jobs


They include:


· Principal Partner

· Departmental head/senior manager

· Project manager

· Senior Architect/Designer

· Architect/ Designer


The Principal Partner


The principal partner is the CEO, might be the owner or part owner and is responsible for the overall strategy of the firm, the direction, and grand objectives. In some firms, usually, the small ones, this person also doubles as the CMO, the chief marketing officer. The principal is usually the rainmaker, in small or mid-range firms. He may not be seen in the office much. Might even seem to be spending more time on golf courses, but this is the captain of the ship.


Department Heads/Senior Manager


Large architect firms have many staff and departments, and there is a need for someone to coordinate all their activities. This is the departmental head’s role. He is the administrative head that ensures that the set objectives of each are being met, provides the resources needed, and that timely, comprehensive reports are being made available.


Project Manager


A thriving architectural firm has many projects going on at the same time. It can be confusing to know what’s vital, what needs resources urgently, who needs to be on a particular site…All the nitty-gritty details about the people, funds, materials, equipment, software, the welfare of team on sites…have to be planned and managed if the company wants to deliver their projects on time. This is the project manager’s responsibility.


Senior architect and architects


The last two jobs entail the same responsibilities. The architects are the “engine room” of the firm. They and the designers use different software to design the structures to be constructed. The senior has more than 10 years on the job experience.


To conclude, the field of architecture and design is lucrative and will be around for a long time.